Produced by - Jaben Pennell (Vibehouse Productions)

Michael James (Indie Pro Mix), Brian Troch, Jenny Franck, Jeff Tortora


Mixed By - Jaben Pennell at Vibehouse Productions  Mastered by - Howie Weinberg 

Band Members - Michael James (Guitar, Keys) Ryan Carney (Cello), Sam Hernadez (Bass), John David Provitt (Trumpet)  Brian Troch(Bass/OriginalSin)


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         Brian Troch - guitar/vocals 

        Jenny Franck - guitar/vocals

       Jeff Tortora - percussion/vocals 


           EWFNO Band Biography


Imagine putting together a bunch of superheroes in one single movie. What do you get if not a top- dollar deal? This is what comes to mind when first bumping into Elliot Waits for No One, except they use music and words instead of telekinesis and super strength.


The band features Jenny Franck and Brian Troch both on guitar and vocals and Jeff Tortora behind the drums and on the microphone as well. Although the band has formed recently, all of its performers have some pretty interesting and colorful careers behind their backs.


Starting from Brian Troch who got into music at a very early age when his parents brought him to a Jesus Christ Superstar show and causing him a true musical epiphany. He started his first band at the age of 14 following a strong hard rock and 60's soul background. His success brought him to work his way up the ladder in the Chicago music scene and played too many many major venues with National acts along with drummer Jeff Ward to list in one single bio, Jeff later was known as ministry and Nine Inch Nails drummer. Brian managed to open up for Motley Crue for the MTV Halloween horror show at the Limelight in downtown Chicago. MTV was so impressed that they asked them to play another show as headliners for the MTV Closet Classics night. After a spin with Nine Inch Nails, Jeff prematurely died and this news left Brian utterly devastated. Brian forged ahead and got the nod to front the band Cyclone Temple (also featured on MTV's headbangers ball with music video, "Words Are Just Words")The band signed to Sony/relativity records and once that had run it's Course he got the call to audition to replace Joey Belladonna from Anthrax as front man in Joey's solo project called "Belladonna. It was at that point that “Shooting Hemlock”was born. This is where Brain met drummer Jeff Tortora and they played big showcases and gigs with the likes of Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, Warrant, Slaughter, and headline gigs all to Capacity crowds. Shooting Hemlock released two albums before they disbanded.


Jeff was born in New York and by the buckets and cans he used to hit in his parent’s basement everyone could have figured out he would have become a professional drummer. Youthful and resourceful he got to play with Joey Belladonna and guitar virtuoso Joe Stump until in 1999 he extinguished all his other 600 competitors and got the job in the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas. He had the chance to perform in the 2011 pre-game super bowl show in Dallas; in the 2013 Latin Grammys television show and had countless collaborations with artists such as Eric Martin, Stoney Curtis, Franky Perez, Jeff Young, Sin City Sinners, Korn, Primus, Slash, Billy Idol, The Cult, Deep Purple, Sebastian Bach and many more.


Jenny And Brian met at the label they were both on at the time, everyone was talking about Jenny Franck. Jenny is a singer/songwriter with a deep dark and grunge attitude. She started with the piano and then she decided to play the guitar, but her real ace in the hole is certainly her voice. This precious gift led her to a record deal with Sony Music and to be considered for a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist and Best Rock Song of the Year.


It is absolutely no wonder that Brian said: “Man, I’ve got to meet this person”. A meeting was set up and they hit if off right away. They found out that they had a common passion for Elliot Smith and Tom Waits, and in no time they wrote a song called “Sick of it all” and once they mixed all the ingredients together they had a band as a result. Elliot Waits for No One was now officially born and with Jeff Tortora joining on the drums and Jaben Pennell of (Vibehouse Productions), Michael James (A&R at Warner Bros Music for 20 years) producing the band, the result could have been nothing other than a huge success. Howie Weinberg, who mastered no less than Nevermind by Nirvana, added the final touches to the band’s material and voilà! Le jeux sont fait!


The sound these guys have will shake you like an earthquake and their lyrics will leave scratch marks in your pretty face. Be prepared for something deeply uncommon, their music is not about candy wonderland, it’s a fistful of reality, human emotions and demons all punching your stomach with a strength which is rare to find. “EWFNO always delivers big. Whether it be the conventional wheel we rely on or an eccentric reinvention thereof, they get us where we often didn’t even know we wanted to go” This is what a UK radio host had to say about the band.


The world showed their love for EWFNO’s work so far and no worries, the band does not plan to leave their fans empty-handed. The next album is already in the making and word is out of an exciting collaboration with rapper CMurder in the song “Mama’s bad boy/My Own Truth”. In the meantime, the two guitarists and singers Jenny and Brian will be busy running their company, Neoteric Nutra.

Brian is Quoted as saying,“Of course to me, everything is new and just really getting started and I’ve never been more alive and more creative and happy in my own skin than I am right now at this very moment”. This is exactly why Elliot Waits for No One will make sure to stick around for a long time.






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